Pottery, Sunday 21st Feb

Sarah Partridge invited me over to her studio today at Valentines Mansion after I expressed an interest in making some pottery. She suggested I made some sketches beforehand, which I did as I sat on the 123 from Turnpike Lane to Gants Hill.

It was so much fun, though my ideas of making ceramic pots morphed into making bowls, and I made two, though one is perhaps more usable than the other..! I highly suspect they are ridden with air bubbles and will explode when ‘going thermal’ in the kiln. But I am hoping they survive as they took ages to make, and I really want to feel the satisfaction of eating food out of a bowl I have made! Sarah says they will be ready to fire in a couple of weeks; she is going to glaze and fire them for me.

Not too shabby for a first attempt. She showed me the coil method, which she uses in her work, and now I’d really like to have a go at using a wheel.

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