Paris Watercolour Sketches September 2013

Here are some watercolour sketches from my recent trip to Paris:
Tennessee Jazz Bar 2nd Sept 2013
This first one was done at the Tennessee Jazz Bar on Rue Mazat on Monday 2nd September, where I had gone to play at their open mic. Hopefully you can tell that the figure in the middle is playing a guitar!
Pont au Double 3rd Sept 2013
The next day I took a walk along the Seine, trying to find a good spot to sit and draw. I found this view of the Pont au Double (with Notre Dame concealed in the background) but went looking for a cold can of beer first before I sat down to try and paint it. While I was there, one tourist asked if he could take my picture painting.
Arc de Triomphe 4th Sept 2013
The friends I stayed with had the most amazing apartment, mere metres from the Arc de Triomphe. On Wednesday I sat out on their balcony trying to capture both the north and south views; that way my sun burn was nice and even.
View of Avenue de Wagram 4th Sept 2013-sml

March 2012 Shows

March 2012 Shows by Rob Thom
March 2012 Shows, a photo by Rob Thom on Flickr.

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River Ouse, near Rodmell Sussex

Last Friday I went down to Seaford to visit a friend; in the afternoon we drove out to Rodmell so I could have a little nosey at Monk’s House, and then we took a walk along the River Ouse. It was about 3pm and the sun was starting to get low quite low out in the channel, beyond Newhaven, and the afternoon glow made all the reeds in the run off channel alongside the river shimmer.