Night Flight and Rob Thom: Live at Owen’s Cafe

Making my return to Muswell Hill on Saturday 10th October…
Night Flight and Rob Thom live at Owen's Food Store

Saturday 10th October 2015

Owen’s Food Store
92 Alexandra Park Road, N10 2AE London, United Kingdom


I’m not a rock, I’m a record player: Jake Aaron EP

Jake Aaron EP Cover Image

Jake Aaron

I’m listening to Jake Aaron’s debut EP, trying to think of words that might do his beautiful songs justice. Five haunting tracks, each one a heartfelt intimate tale, observational, with a tender raw sound, haunting and stark, rich and brittle.

On the song 1790 Aaron’s voice purrs over an intricately part-strummed, part-picked, classical guitar. “It’s not the way you smile or hold my hand, What you say to me when there’s no one else around. It was in French though it was not too profound, Dying on the lawn in the leaves in 1790.” Is he praising a current love, lamenting a lost love, or is this completely fictitious? Who knows, and the song is in no hurry to tell you, floating away before you’re ready for it to finish, like an inviting gentle river meandering away to the horizon.

Jake’s songs observe the world around him with the cynical eye of an outsider; like someone playing in the corner of a party, seemingly uninterested in the gathering around them but all the while absorbing the sounds and sights of human condition abound. These are songs from the city, sometimes hinting at the violence and the menace of city life. On Dalston Kingsland he observes street life aggression, and the classic male threat of destruction, the age-old promise that, “This place would sky high if I gave the sign.”

The EP signs off with the most upbeat track, Constitution Blues, and a call to action, “I started to dig, I was digging all night.” Listening to this line repeating over and over as the EP fades away, I feel like Aaron is challenging the listener, saying, “This is what I’ve done, what about you?”

This is a confident and unapologetic debut, and the deceptively simple songs have strong hooks that quickly get under your skin, and soon feel like they’ve always been there.

Download Jake Aaron’s EP at

Rob Thom and Friends: Live in Waterloo Saturday 13th June 2015

Rob Thom and Friends live at The Stage Door

Live show in Waterloo Saturday 13th June

Really looking forward to our live show at The Stage Door pub in Waterloo next month. We’re planning to project some artsy-fartsy visuals during our set, and also playing are the great Tim Jones & The Dark Lanterns and MonTeagle.
The music kicks off around 7.30pm, and it’s totally free!

Jude Edwin-Scott – Fifty Silver Bells and Nine

Ahead of his Fifty Silver Bells and Nine album launch gig tonight night at the Betsey Trotwood, Jude Edwin-Scott and I (with the help of Lilibeth de Larratea and Ransome Koralu) filmed some live performances of his songs, Factory Girl, The Greenland Whale Fishery, and Love. Fifty Silver Bells and Nine is available to download from iTunes, and available on CD from

The Spice of Life – Saturday 7th March!

Very excited to be playing at the Spice of Life in Soho on Saturday 7th March. I’m onstage just after 7pm and will be joined by Steve Carr on bass and backing vocals, Tom Poslett on side-guitar, Emily da Costa on cello, and Chris Hay on percussion.
Substance @ The Spice of Life
The Spice of Life
6 Moor Street Soho London WD1 5NA
Doors:6.00pm Admission:£6
Substance Gigs
The Spice of Life

Elvis Rob sings Blue Christmas

Merry Christmas! Channelling my inner Elvis with a version of Blue Christmas. Recorded on Monday 22nd December 2014 at The Virtually ACoustic Club @ The Library Islington, London.