Paris Watercolour Sketches September 2013

Here are some watercolour sketches from my recent trip to Paris:
Tennessee Jazz Bar 2nd Sept 2013
This first one was done at the Tennessee Jazz Bar on Rue Mazat on Monday 2nd September, where I had gone to play at their open mic. Hopefully you can tell that the figure in the middle is playing a guitar!
Pont au Double 3rd Sept 2013
The next day I took a walk along the Seine, trying to find a good spot to sit and draw. I found this view of the Pont au Double (with Notre Dame concealed in the background) but went looking for a cold can of beer first before I sat down to try and paint it. While I was there, one tourist asked if he could take my picture painting.
Arc de Triomphe 4th Sept 2013
The friends I stayed with had the most amazing apartment, mere metres from the Arc de Triomphe. On Wednesday I sat out on their balcony trying to capture both the north and south views; that way my sun burn was nice and even.
View of Avenue de Wagram 4th Sept 2013-sml